Maria Friesen

My name is Maria Friesen. I grew up in a traditional Low German Mennonite family, am married, and have three wonderful children who are all pretty much teenagers now. When I initially became a board member at Wellkin, I was working as the Outreach Worker for a program run out of MCS (Mennonite Community Services) in Aylmer called Mom and Baby. Since then I have left that position, and made the decision to do something I’ve long dreamed of; I applied for, and have been accepted into King’s University College for the fall 2022 term. Currently I am still working part-time at MCS as a morning host and content creator for the Low-German radio station, 105.9 De Brigj. And yes, I do speak the Low-German language and am growing in my ability to translate from English to Low-German. I enjoy challenging myself to do and learn new things, but also love to just relax with either a good book, or a show/movie. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve the Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness community as a board member, and love hearing about all the amazing things they do every day. Truly a much needed resource and advocate in the community.