Family Support Provider Program

For families who need peer support to build strengths


The Family Support Provider program is offered to families through Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness. The program is based on the Family Support Provision Model, from which studies have indicated that trained family members can help other families feel emotionally supported, experience reduced stress, find other resources that help and meet the needs of the entire family.

A family and their FSP will map out the best process for the family to address the areas where they need support. Regular meetings will occur between the family and the FSP, where information is exchanged, experiences are shared and the family will learn about their strengths. The FSP will support families to use their strengths to build strategies that will help the family in areas of life that they need additional assistance. In this process, families will increase their capacity to independently cope with future stress. The FSP provides flexible supports and meets with families in their home or in the community.


Families who participate in the program will be linked with a peer called the Family Support Provider (FSP). The role of the FSP is to:

  • Assist families in identifying and prioritizing needs;
  • Assist in locating and accessing community programs and resources:
  • Provide information to aid in obtaining appropriate services;
  • Provide emotional support during the course of service;
  • Serve as a liaison and help to build collaborative relationships between services, other service providers and families;
  • Assist families in developing strategies to communicate effectively with services and service providers (e.g., mental health, education, health, youth justice, child welfare);
  • Support families in learning to navigate various child & youth systems and services;
  • Provide support and information to other service providers


The only requirement to be eligible to receive supports from the FSP program, is to attend a walk in session or a session with a Wellkin staff from another program to discuss whether your needs can be supported in this program.


Families can access the FSP Program through Wellkin Walk in Services in Woodstock or St Thomas, where they will meet with a clinical therapist who will assess whether the family would benefit from receiving FSP supports. A consultation will take place between the therapist and the clinical supervisor and if the family meets criteria for FSP Program, they will be assigned an FSP. The FSP will then contact the family to arrange their first appointment.

For more information on making a referral to the Family Support Provider program, please contact 226-973-7289.