Heather Norrie

“What I find most exhilarating about the work I do, is knowing that focusing on one very small change can result in really significant benefits. The challenge of figuring out what that small change might be, developing creative ways to implement the change, and journeying with the child, youth and their family, are some of the best parts of this job.” – Heather

Journeying with the child, youth and their family, are some of the best parts of this job.

Heather has always been passionate about mental wellness for children, youth and adults. Upon the completion of her Bachelors of Sociology and Politics, Heather moved to St. Georges, Bermuda. During this time she attended Bermuda College/University, studying child development. She began charity work to provide for children in families who were financially struggling. Money and awareness was also raised for local charities and a children’s home (in the care of children whose parents had been incarcerated). Heather returned to Canada and worked in agencies providing support to adults and youth impacted by poverty, psychiatric diagnoses, gangs, addiction and incarceration in first Toronto and then London, Ontario. Heather enrolled in University again to obtain her Bachelors and then Master’s degrees in Social Work. It is after the completion of her research in “The wellbeing of single mothers in a small town context”, that Heather began her work with Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness.

Heather has been with Wellkin since 2011. She has pursued training in several forms of play and expressive, individual and family therapy. Heather is known to take several weeks at a time each year pursuing additional training in therapy. She has received training in: Child Development, Circle of Security, Play Therapy (direct and non-direct), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Theraplay, Narrative Therapy, various forms of family therapy, Suicide intervention, Crisis, and approaches specific for individuals and families impacted by Trauma. She continues to explore opportunities to increase her knowledge and approaches for the mental wellness of children, youth and families.

Heather is a social worker and therapist working directly with the Pittock Day Treatment Program at Annandale Public School. Heather also provides community based therapy with families and children in Oxford County. Along with the therapists from the Wellkin clinical team, families can access Heather through the walk-in clinic in Oxford on Tuesdays between 10am and 6pm each week.