Board of Directors – Woodstock

Oxford Elgin Child and Youth Centre is seeking experienced Board Directors in Oxford County to champion our vision to support “Caring and healthy communities for children and families”, ensure sound stewardship of our organization and guide us confidently into the future of Child and Youth Mental Health in Oxford and Elgin County.

About Us:

Oxford Child & Youth Centre officially opened its doors in October of 1987

As of January 1, 2009 the Ministry of Children and Youth Services selected our agency to assume mental health service delivery for children and families in Elgin County.  In February, 2009 we received our revised Letters Patent and the new name of our agency became OXFORD-ELGIN CHILD & YOUTH CENTRE. 

Our volunteer Board of Directors is comprised of 12 people that offer a diverse experience and perspective. The Board meets on a monthly basis, alternating between Oxford and Elgin Counties and directors participate on at least one Board Committee.

You will be part of a qualified team

As a member of our skill-based Board of Directors, you will enjoy a collegial culture and learn from the perspectives of 9 other highly committed and qualified volunteer directors. Together with the support of our ED, you will oversee our strategic direction, monitor our performance, quality and risk and ensure sustainable operations. You will engage in generative dialogue and contribute to making strategic decisions that will ensure continued advocacy for Children & Youth Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities. You will contribute your time in a meaningful and rewarding way, grow professionally and together with your director colleagues will make a noticeable difference to our organization and to the people we serve.

You will share our values

Clients Come First ~We believe in a client-centered empowering approach to meeting the needs of the individuals we serve.

Accessible ~ Our services are available to all.

Respect ~We value dignity in relationships.

Accountability & Integrity ~We are responsible for our actions, words and services.

Partnerships ~We value open communication and collaboration.

Continuous Improvement ~We commit to on-going learning and capacity building.

You will contribute your unique experience and perspective

We are seeking individuals with previous board experience and an appreciation of not-for-profit governance. We are looking for individuals who understand the nature, complexity and the needs of our clients and their families who require support in the community.  We are seeking individuals with diverse life experiences and an interest in giving back to their communities.

As an experienced leader we will benefit from your competence in one or more of the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Government Relations
  • Strong Financial Acumen
  • Law and Legislation
  • Research
  • Public Relations/Communications


Our “Style” of Governance

OECYC aspires to achieve and sustain a governance system and board “style” that is characterized by the following:

Oversight (vs. Management): the board of directors will be charged with overseeing the compliance and performance of the corporation. It will do so through the establishment of and adherence to sound governance principles, policies and practices. Operational accountability will be delegated to the ED.

Strategic Leadership: The board of directors will work together and in close relationship with their sole employee, ED, to establish the highest-level strategic direction, priorities, outcomes and resources for the corporation.

Competency (vs. Representation): the board of directors will be composed of individuals that first demonstrate the requisite skills, experience and expertise necessary to perform the board’s strategic leadership and oversight responsibilities.

Size: in order for the board to be effective in carrying out its responsibilities every director is expected to actively engage and contribute to board discussions and decisions. In order for this to occur board size must be reasonable.  Current good governance practice suggests 9-12 directors. This number is sufficient to ensure full participation of every director, allow enough directors to populate board committees and plan for director succession and sustainability.

Sustainability: the board of directors will ensure strong and sustainable governance through proactive and regular recruitment, qualification and development of directors and director candidates. Succession of directors and of board leadership (chairs) will be thoughtful and rigorous to ensure the ongoing strength and strategic leadership of the corporation. Terms of office will be set to support this sustainability.

Evolving Context: As organizational and contextual circumstances evolve/change, the board composition practices will remain flexible and nimble enough to adapt to the evolving conditions.

If you have a desire to make a difference please submit your resume by April 25, 2018 at noon to :

Toni Dibsdale