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At OECYC we listen

We Listen

We take a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to assess the nature of every situation, the level of risk, and the needs of the individual. Whether it’s crisis response, urgent care, or if you just need someone to listen, Wellkin is here.

At OECYC we talk

We Talk

You can count on us to assist in identifying your strengths and to guide you in reframing situations. Together, we can explore options and choices to overcome a challenge or help you change your outlook.

At OECYC we plan

We Plan

Together we can develop a treatment plan and support positive, healthy coping skills. Serving infants, children, youth as well as parents and caregivers, Wellkin is committed to connecting all clients with programs and services that meet a family’s ongoing needs.

At OECYC we support

We Support

We focus on outcomes to ensure the long-term success of all our clients. Whether a client enters an Wellkin program or is referred to another service, our goal is to help you achieve strength necessary to deal with any situation or issue that may arise.

We care. We share.

We’re proud to shine the light on our wonderful staff and members of our community who continue to make strides in the areas of mental health and wellness, creating better, brighter Oxford & Elgin counties.

Serenity Henry

Oxford & Elgin Youth Engagement Advisory (YEA) Committee

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