Client Complaint Process


As a client of Wellkin, the following are steps for filing a complaint:

Step 1

The person expressing a complaint indicates verbally or in writing, the nature of their complaint.

The staff member hearing the complaint must respond within five working days of receiving the complaint.

In Step 1, the primary worker, or other staff member involved will attempt to resolve the problem directly. There are two situations in which the process can move directly to Step 2. First, if the person making the complaint does not wish to deal directly with the staff member involved, they may move the complaint to Step 2. Second, if there is reason for the worker to not deal directly with the complainant due to health and/or safety concerns, the complaint may be moved directly to Step 2 after consultation with the worker’s direct supervisor. The process is documented in the form of a case note that includes the following information: The nature of the complaint, persons involved in the problem-solving process taken to resolve the problem, the outcome of the process, and any further action necessary.

If the problem cannot be resolved at Step 1, the staff member notifies the Clinical Supervisor or Clinical Director (whichever is the staff’s supervisor), and the Executive Director to initiate Step 2, and notifies the person making the complaint that the matter will move to Step 2.

Step 2

The Clinical Director/Clinical Supervisor/Executive Director, or designate, contacts the person making the complaint, and arranges a telephone or face-to-face discussion. Contact must be attempted within five working days of being notified that Step 2 is to begin. The Clinical Director/Clinical Supervisor/Executive Director, or designate, can elect to interview staff, and to review any relevant document to assist in reaching a resolution.If mutual problem solving is not successful, the Clinical Director/Executive Director can make a recommendation to the person as to how the matter can be settled. The process is documented in the form of a letter to the complainant. The same information required in recording at Step 1 is included in the letter. 

Step 3

If the problem cannot be resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction at Step 2, the complainant will be advised that the complaint can be moved to Step 3.  The complainant, with the assistance of the Executive Director, can request a review of the complaint by the Board of Directors. In this case a meeting will be arranged within 10 days from when the Board receives the complaint.  A decision will be provided in writing within 5 days of the meeting.

Step 4

Once all of these agency contacts and levels have been accessed for having the complaint resolved and it is still not satisfactory, the complainant may request that their complaint be reviewed outside of the agency. This outside review can be initiated by the person, in writing, to either of the following:


The local office of:     

Ministry of Children & Youth Service
Program Supervisor
217 York Street
London, Ontario N6A 1B7
(519) 438-5111 Ext. 3149         

Office of Child & Family Services Advocacy
Ministry of Children & Youth Services
5th Floor, Suite 503
250 Davisville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1G2
(416) 325-5669