To Wellkin Staff and Communities,

This is a distressing time for many of us, not only those in the U.S but here in Canada, in our own communities. The events that are going on all around us are heartbreaking and we wanted to share a few thoughts. Through these events and many others, it has once again epitomized the devastating systemic injustice, prejudice and racism that still exists today. This past week has also heightened our awareness as an organization to look at and address the systemic in-justice embedded in our own agency.

Like so many of you, we are deeply saddened by stories that have been brought to light and we know they are not isolated instances. These stem from a deeply entrenched history embedded in our society and in our communities. Systemic racism exists in our culture, our institutions and impacts people of colour in all aspects of life.

The impact of these injustices are further elevated through poverty, access to resources, health and mental health, all leading to vastly different treatment in society. This is depicted by incarceration rates and child welfare apprehension rates for marginalized populations, especially people of colour. We must be aware of the detrimental impact on mental health caused by the existence of racism, oppression, exclusion, inequality and systemic bias, especially for children and youth.

As an organization, we have to come together and want to make changes to ensure we shift the long-term impact of bringing change to the forefront. We know we have the opportunity to make things better and we owe it to our children, youth, families, employees and our communities to do so.

I am saddened to share that I do not know what the answer is but we know we need change. As an agency, we will start with conversations about this very important topic. These conversations are not easy, but they have never been more important. As an organization, we will listen. Moving forward, we want to be an influential voice in creating change and an ally to eradicate racism. We understand that this is everyone’s problem and everyone must be fixing it.

As a lead agency for children and youth mental health we strive to be a positive force for change in both the communities we serve, therefore, we want to hear from you. We welcome feedback as we make meaningful change together.


Mamta Chail
Executive Director

Please email us at or call 519-539-0463 to share your thoughts and resources with us.

Resources Ways you can help: Sign petitions, text or call, donate, and more resources Black Lives Matter – Toronto Black Youth Helpline Federation of Black Canadians