Welcome to Wellkin!


Wellness is at the core of what we believe in and promote through our programs and services. It’s what we’ve stood for for over 30 years and we couldn’t be happier to re-introduce ourselves with a name and brand that better reflects who we always have been.

We are very excited to now welcome you to Wellkin.

Wellkin is progressive and we value inclusivity; our efforts are backed by research and best practices established by the province of Ontario. Children, youth, and caregivers can all turn to us in times of need.

You may be wondering: Why Wellkin? The name was inspired by the archaic English term for wide open blue skies, which is a positive, aspirational symbol the organization aims to embody. Wellkin is also a combination of the word “well” like wellness, and “kin,” meaning friends, family, and community. And finally, it says what we say to anyone in a times of need: You’re welcome here.

Join us in promoting our positive message and putting our best (new) face forward in the community by rallying around: We are Wellkin!