Adult Protective Service Program

Program Description

The Adult Protective Service Worker (APSW) interacts directly with the adults who have a developmental disability and whose goal is to live on their own in the community. The program is designed to assist clients in strengthening their capacity to manage and acquire the skills necessary for daily living and to enhance their support network and awareness of generic community-based resources and government-funded services and supports. The Adult Protective Service (APS) Program promotes a voluntary working relationship based upon mutual accountability between the adult who has a developmental disability and the APSW. Adults who have a developmental disability are active participants in all aspects of the working relationship.

Program Goals

  • Support adults eighteen years of age and older, with a developmental disability whose goal is to live on their own to life as independently, safely, and securely as possible in the community or who may live with their families but are moving towards independence or independent living;
  • Provide a range of services to support and promote the autonomy of individuals with a developmental disability and to improve their quality of life by helping them achieve their self-determined goals;
  • Provide a service which will enable individuals with a developmental disability to become full participating members in the community;
  • Develop, encourage and participate in community networking as it pertains to services and supports for people with a developmental disability and their families; and
  • Increase community awareness and understanding of developmental disabilities.

Program Requirements (Eligibility)

Program eligibility is determined by Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). Clients accessing the APS Program at WELLKIN must reside in Oxford County. All individuals wishing to apply for services and supports must contact their local DSO organization, to confirm their eligibility, and to complete the Application Package for Adult Developmental Services.

Referral and Intake Process

The DSO refers eligible individuals to the local agencies delivering the APS Program, following the prioritization process and within available program resources.

Program Brochure

Adult Protective Service Program


For more information, the DSO South West Region 1-855-437-6797 (ask for Intake), or visit their website at:

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