Modified Support & Care Due to COVID-19


Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness is making every effort to promote the safety and well-being of the children, youth and families we support.

As part of our effort in addressing the impact of COVID-19, we are committed to taking precautionary and preventative measures across our agency, while ensuring children, youth and families have the support they need during these unique times.

As a result, our physical locations will be closed to the public until April 4th.  This closure affects all of our locations as well as any group programs scheduled throughout this period.

Our valued staff will continue to provide support through the following:

    1. All scheduled appointments will be held by phone by our staff.
    2. “Walk-in” support will be provided via phone. Anyone requiring walk-in support will be asked to call Wellkin to schedule a time for our staff to contact them directly.

We are prepared to continue to provide essential mental health services for children and youth to ensure they receive the care they need.

Please follow our social media channels and refer to our website for updated information about our programs and services.

We also appreciate your patience and will continue to focus on improving the mental health and quality of life for children, youth and families we support.

On a personal note, as individuals and organizations, it is our time to model supporting one another, learning from each other and mobilizing together. We are in uncharted territory together. 

I ask everyone located in our communities to be kind, patient and generous in their support of everyone, especially those from vulnerable populations. Wellkin wishes you and your loved ones’ health and support during this challenging time.


Mamta Chail

Executive Director