Child & Youth Groups

Kids Group: Anger Solutions
For children 7-9 years of age (Co-ed)
6 week group (Both Locations)

This group is designed to understand anger and develop skills to manage it. Skill-building to identify anger and relaxation are the focus of this group.

Kids Group: Worry Warriors
For children 9-12 years of age (Co-ed)
8 week group (Both Locations)

Learn how to stop your worries from getting the best of you! This group is designed to teach relaxation strategies of breathwork, yoga, and guided imagery. It helps the child to break down the cycle of anxious thoughts and switch to more helpful thoughts.

Kids Group: LEGO Social Skills Group
For children 7-11 years of age (Co-ed)
5 week group or Summer Program (Both Locations)

This groups allows kids to work collaboratively in small groups with tasks defined and roles identified to support social interaction. Communication, support, problem-solving, and conflict resolution are explored.

Kids Group: KIDS (Kids’ Ideas About Divorce & Separation)
For children 6-8 AND 9-12 years of age (Co-ed)
6 week group (Both Locations) / Separate groups per age range

The group is designed to ensure the child understands they are not to blame for a divorce. Common feelings associated with divorce/separation, such as isolation, anger, guilt, anxiety, and sadness are labelled and discussed. Family changes, self-esteem, transitioning between two homes and coping skills are also explored.

Youth & Parent Group: DBT (Dialectic Behaviour Therapy)
For children 14-18 years of age (Co-ed) and their parents
16 week group (Both Locations)

This group is designed to assist teens in learning about their feelings, thoughts and behaviours through a mindful approach. It aims to increase positive coping skills. Youth must agree to 4 week segments of the program.

To discuss a group referral and to ensure a proper fit for services, please attend any Wellkin Walk-in clinic in Woodstock any Tuesday from 10am-6pm and in St. Thomas any Thursday 10am-6pm.

For further information, contact the Groups Coordinator at:

1-877-539-0463 ext. 248 for Jordan South, Group Coordinator

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