Group Program Overview

For children and youth 0-18 years of age and their families

Group services at Wellkin offers a variety of child, adolescent, youth, and parent programs. Research indicates that children and youth learn best during the daytime hours, therefore our child and youth programs are generally offered mid-week, during school hours. Group services offer the benefits of learning through experience-based activities and feeling supported by others who experience a similar type of challenge. Group sessions are tailored to offer the maximum amount of information in the shortest time commitment (1hr – 1.5 hours in length). Parenting programs are also typically offered mid-week, however, in the evening hours beginning at either 6:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. to avoid conflict with work schedules.

Groups will operate seasonally depending on the number of referrals Wellkin receives for that specific group. All groups run on a school-year calendar and are divided into, Fall, Winter, and Spring segments. Fall programs are offered between September and December. Winter programs are offered between January and March and Spring programs are offered between April and June. Wellkin does not typically run summer groups due to the lack of referrals we receive.

The onus of transportation falls upon the family to get your child/yourself to and from all group programs; however, in special circumstances, Wellkin can provide assistance. Please speak to the groups coordinator or facilitator to arrange transportation if it is a barrier to your family.

All groups at Wellkin provide a snack and a drink during group time. Please ensure to notify the group coordinator or facilitator of any known allergies to yourself or your child.

Most group programs are offered solely by Wellkin; however, we have successful community partnerships that may include:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tillsonburg, Woodstock, Ingersoll and St. Thomas
  • Children’s Aid Society Oxford
  • F&CS Elgin
  • Ontario Early Years Centre Woodstock
  • Elgin Public Health Centre

Please note: There are no fees for any Wellkin group programs; however, you may need to bring a binder to store program material that are provided to you.

To discuss a group referral and to ensure a proper fit for services, please attend any Wellkin Walk-in clinic in Woodstock any Tuesday from 10am-6pm and in St. Thomas any Thursday 10am-6pm.

For further information, contact the Groups Facilitator at 1-877-539-0463 ext. 248

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