Circle of Security Workshop

For parents/caregivers of children ages 12 and younger.
Single session program. Currently being offered virtually.

The Circle of Security parent program is a user-friendly caregiver education program that helps parents better understand the needs of their child(ren). This workshop will explore some of the core concepts of the Circle of Security Program, explaining the importance of parents forming secure attachments with their child(ren) by focusing on the caregiver and child interactions.

This session will focus on:

    • The introduction of the Circle of Security Model, including being the ‘hands’ for our children;
    • Looking at behaviours as a form of communication;
    • The importance of “Being With” and “Delighting In” at the top and bottom of the circle; and
    • Sharing other available programs and supports for parents and caregivers.

For questions, please contact the Groups Coordinator at 519-320-8034.

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