For families needing an interval of rest and relief

The Oxford Respite Network has been formed out of knowledge that our community is in need of a more coordinated model of respite supports and services and that families want choice regarding their respite supports. The Network provides families with an interval of rest and relief by helping them in finding the formal or informal respite supports that will meet their individual family needs.

With all of the pressures and “busyness” in our lives today, it can become difficult to know how or where to find the break that we all need from time to time. The Oxford Respite Network seeks to support family wellbeing by providing an opportunity for short term relief from stress. By increasing respite options for families who have been unable to access respite providers in the past, the Network aims to fill current gaps in the system.

Respite opportunities may be available to you through the Network at one of two different levels:

Planned Care:

The Oxford Respite Network responds to the needs of families in crisis. It involves a prearranged plan of short-term care between a family and a respite support worker. A case manager would assist in developing a plan to meet the family’s needs. You may have a support worker come into your home or take your child to their own home or out to community activities.

Informal Activity:

The Respite Resource Worker at the Wellkin Child & Youth Mental Wellness is your community resource bank. Perhaps your child/family could benefit from participating in community activities, recreation or social events. Call the Centre to discover what is available and of interest to you.

Respite care is intended to fill a gap in service once you have explored and exhausted other options that may be available to you. Depending upon the type of respite you require to meet your individual family needs, you may qualify for a government funded program.

Whether you require respite care that is formal or informal, your plan of care is individually designed to meet the needs of your family and your child in the best way possible. Respite care is flexible; all opportunities for respite, from one to two hours per week or even a full weekend once per month can be searched out with the assistance of the respite coordinator and the supporting agency.

If respite care is something that your family needs and you have children up to the age of 18, you may contact any one of the partner agencies listed to discuss your options.

The following agencies serving Oxford County make up the Oxford Respite Network:

  • Host Family Support Services
  • Christian Horizons
  • Special Services at Home, VON
  • Community Living, Tillsonburg
  • Oxford County Board of Health
  • Woodstock & District Developmental Services
  • Mental Health Services of Oxford, WGH
  • Children’s Aid Society of Oxford County
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Community Care Access Centre of Oxford
  • A Child First, Child Care Supports of Oxford
  • Thames Valley Children’s Centre

For more information, contact our Respite Resource Worker at: 1-877-539-0463 ext. 230

For more information, you can also visit:

Oxford Respite Network