Intensive Family Service Program

For families who require in home support


The Intensive Family Service Program is designed to provide brief, intensive, in-home services for families at risk of breakdown.  This program is offered for families for an average of 8 to 12 weeks, and up to 8 hours a week of supports, depending on the client/family needs assessment. The Wellkin intensive service worker will work with families in their home, to help develop treatment plans, strategies and solutions that focus on improving the family unit and mental wellness.

The Intensive Family Support team can provide the following during treatment:

In-Home Support -routines, expectations, behaviours, etc.

Establish linkages and appropriate supports for the family within the community (i.e. Madame Vanier, CPRI, and CSCN)

Individual and Family Education

Parent and Child Advocacy

Community and School Support

Other Community Referrals

Treatment Follow-up support services


  • To foster healthy family relationships
  • To support families with treatment goals
  • To encourage parent/child advocacy skill building
  • To help establish needs within the family household
  • To help implement treatment strategies and solutions within the home


  • Family must meet the needs of IFS requirements at Wellkin (Wellkin and IFS STAFF TO ASSESS)
  • Must be self-referring and willing to participate
  • Must provide parental consent
  • Must currently have a Wellkin or community therapist involved with the family for support


  • Families can access IFS through the Wellkin Walk-in clinic, see for walk-in details
  • Families must be involved with a Wellkin or community therapist who can refer to Wellkin IFS directly
  • All referrals are reviewed and assessed by a Wellkin intensive family service worker and management, to ensure the child/youth/family meet the Wellkin IFS requirements

To discuss treatment options and ensure a proper fit for services, please contact our Intake Therapist at 1-877-539-0463, extension 275.