School Community Intervention Partnership (SCIP)

For children in grades 1-5

School Community Intervention Partnership (SCIP)

For Children in grades 1-5



This program partners with selected schools and parents to support parents and child(ren) with skills to manage child(ren) behaviors. This program is an innovative program that provides effective early intervention for children with difficulties in emotional and behavioral self-regulation that may be interfering with their performance at home, school, and in the community.  Often children that experience difficulty following rules, non-compliance, irritability or moodiness, hyperactivity, impulsivity, trouble with peer relations and a hard time managing feelings have accessed SCIP.

SCIP consultants will work with your family in a confidential and supportive manner to coordinating meetings with school personnel, help to increase success in the classroom setting, attend scheduled appointments, provide parental support, and connecting your family with community resources.


  • Early identification of child(ren) behavior concerns
  • Early intervention
  • Early prevention
  • The implementation of programs that foster relationships within families, schools and students


  • For children in grades 1-5 who struggle with the regulating behaviors
  • Enrolled in a school that participates in the SCIP program
  • Parental consent


  • All referrals must be submitted to Wellkin by the school team with the parent’s consent
  • All referrals are reviewed and assess by a Wellkin SCIP consultant to ensure the child meets program requirements
  • SCIP accepts referrals from designated schools in the following school boards: Thames Valley District School Board, London District Catholic School Board

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact us at 1-877-539-0463 ext. 252 for Oxford County and ext. 219 for Elgin County.